Hi 👋

I’m Assim, born and raised in Morocco, currently based in beautiful Stockholm, Sweden.

I moved to Sweden in 2019 to join Yogobe.com to revamp their tech, starting with the frontend and eventually improving everything else.

Currently, I’m Yogobe’s acting CTO, and my goal is to help turn it into a Unicorn.

I’m also passionate about building stuff, mostly just for the sake of learning things, but it sometimes turns into an income generator like Todert.com which is never a bad thing.

I love using React, GraphQL and Go when it comes to building software. I’m a true believer in Using things where they’re meant to be used, That’s why I’m skeptical when someone suggests using Node to build a backend server for example 🤷‍♂️.

I publish a blog post every Monday on my Blog (at least trying to 😂), and I have a newsletter which you can sign up for.

I also try to publish videos on my Youtube channel, other times I publish tweets on my Twitter.

That’s it about me, hope I’il see you again here.